Pale Ale 2017

>> Sunday, July 23, 2017

One of the really cool things about homebrewing is experimentation. I recently did an experimental IPA using hop hash in the mash. I liked the results enough to incorporate it into today's beer as well. Today I'm going to try an American Pale Ale based on Joshua Veronee's NHC gold medal winning recipe, Rainy Day American Pale Ale. Besides adding the hop hash, I'm experimenting with Cryo Hops Lupulin Powder. The ultimate goal is to infuse some bright hop character into this beer. I'm also making some minor tweaks to the grain bill, so it's not exactly the same as Joshua's. The recipe as I'm brewing it today is as follows. This is a small batch recipe, so approx 2.5 gallons will go into the fermenter.

1# 14oz Rahr US 6-row
1# 14oz Great Western California Select 2-row
6.5oz Briess Victory Malt
6.5oz Crisp Caramalt
6.5oz Crisp Torrefied Wheat
0.5oz Hop hash (mash hop)
0.5ml Hop extract (60 min)
7.0g Mosaic (20 min)
7.0g Centennial (20 min)
14.0g Mosaic (10 min)
14.0g Centennial (10 min)
Wyeast nutrient
7.0g Mosaic Lupulin Powder (0 min)
7.0g Citra Lupulin Powder (0 min)
7.0g Mosaic (Dry hop, 7 days before packaging)
7.0g Citra  (Dry hop, 7 days before packaging)
7.0g Mosaic (Dry hop, 3 days before packaging)
7.0g Citra  (Dry hop, 3 days before packaging)

Mash at 153F, 90 minute boil, ferment at 65F

Water = Tasty Water

Brewing Notes
No real issues. My folter almost clogged during the whirlpool. I'd put the lupulin powder right in the kettle as opposed to going in the hop spider. Gravity came on a few points low at 1.052, but still well within style guidelines.

Update 8/12/2017
Dry hops were added today.