Grain Mill Build - Part 1

>> Saturday, January 07, 2012

My lovely wife bought me a CrankAndStein 2D grain mill for my birthday.  This is a bare bones grain mill, so I building my own cabinet and hopper.  I tend to forget to document the process when I do projects like this.  This time I'm trying to remember to take pictures along the way so hopefully it will help anyone else thinking of building a grain mill.

My design calls for a simple box frame welded out of 1.5" 16 gauge square tubing.  The mill is mounted to 3/4" oak plywood which is mounted to the top of the tube frame.  The bottom shelf is made out of the same oak plywood and provides a place to mount the motor and place a 5 gallon bucket for catching the crushed grains.  Mounting the motor on the bottom shelf lowers the center of gravity and makes things more stable.  The mill is powered by a furnace blower motor I got off of a couple years ago.  The motor is  1/4 hp 1750rpm so in order to bring the rpm's down, I'm using a 12" sheave from Zoro Tools.  Normally you'd also want to use a 1.5" sheave/pulley on the motor.  My motor came with an adjustable pulley, so I'm going to try it first.  If it doesn't work I'll order a 1.5" replacement.

I started out by laying out the top piece of plywood.  I cut one hole/groove to provide clearance for the 12" sheave.  I also cut out the a hole below the mill for the grain output and drilled mounting holes.  Top edges of the plywood were eased over with my router using a 1/4" round over bit.  The edges on the bottom shelf were also eased over and notched in the corners to fit between the frame posts.

Next the mill was test-fitted to the plywood top.  This is when you find out how well you measured and how precise your cuts are.  Fortunately I didn't have any issues, but it's probably worth mentioning...measure twice, cut once.

Next I cut the tubing to size and started tacking things together.  I ran out of tubing on day one, so the supports for the bottom shelf have to wait another week.

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Top shelf showing cut-outs and mounting holes

Bottom shelf with notched corners

Mill mounted to plywood top

View from below

Frame getting tacked up

Top fits nicely on frame