Michelada - Beer Cocktail

>> Sunday, January 13, 2019

Today's post may seem like sacrilege to my fellow craft beer lovers...but I don't care, I really dig this beer cocktail. I'm justifying my newfound love of this drink based on the fact that one of my favorite SoCal  breweries, Green Cheek Beer Company, serves up a version in their taproom. If it's legit enough for them, it should be legit enough for any craft beer lover.

The quick Cliff Notes description is this is essentially a beer cocktail that's very similar to a Bloody Mary. They're pretty popular in Mexico where they're blended with your favorite Mexican lager. They're tasty, refreshing, and super sessionable given you're diluting an already fairly sessionable beer to make the cocktail. Mexican lagers are more or less based on German Pilsners, so if you prefer a little less skunk than some Mexican lagers offer, give it a try using your favorite craft Pilsner.

Michelada Mix

3 c Clamato Picante
1/2 c Lime juice (~4 limes)
4 t Worchestershire sauce
3 t Valentina Black Label (extra hot) hot sauce
2 t Maggi sauce
1/2 t Fresh ground pepper

Mix all ingredients in a suitable container. To serve, fill a shaker glass about 1/2 to 2/3 full of ice. Fill about halfway with the Michelada Mix, then fill the rest of the way with your beer of choice. You can fine tune the heat by adding more hot sauce. Another option is to rim the glass with Old Bay seasoning, or Tajin seasoning.