MicroBurst DIPA, 2018

>> Saturday, February 24, 2018

Today I'm brewing the last of my NHC entry beers. This one is a variant of the Galaxy MicroBurst DIPA that I brewed a while back. Here's the recipe as I'm brewing it today.

6.0# 11oz California Select Malt
4.0# 5oz Avangard German Pale Malt
1.5# Simpsons Golden Promise
1.0oz Carafa III Special (Sparge, for color)
1.0# 3oz Corn sugar (10 min)
28g Magnum (FWH)
14g Galaxy (15 min)
14g Mosaic (15 min)
Yeast nutrient
2.5ml Simcoe hop extract (1 min)
2.5ml Mosaic hop extract (1 min)
1.0oz Mosaic CryoHops (Whirlpool)
1.0oz Ekuanot CryoHops (Whirlpool)
168g Blend of Mosaic, Galaxy, Cascade (dry hop)

Mash at 149.5F, 90 minute boil, ferment at 64F

To 11 gallons of distilled water.
17.6g Gypsum (CASO4)
7.7g Epsom salt (MgSO4)
2.2g Canning salt (NaCl)
1.1g  Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)

Brewing Notes
No issues.  OG came in at 21.2 (1.086). I didn't start my yeast starter as early as I'd hoped, so it still had a lot of yeast in suspension when I transferred from BK to fermenter. I decided to let it rest a few more hours then decanted and pitched the following morning.

Update 3/11/2018
Dry hops were added today.

Update 4/15/2018
Although it didn't move on to the final round, this beer scored well in NHC-Denver. It scored a 41 and the only real critical comment was one of the judges wanted more hop aroma. I agree, the hop aroma was pretty solid at bottling but had dropped quite a bit within 24-48 hours. It tended to come out more as the beer warmed. Hop flavor was pretty stable and it had a nice combination of pine and citrus.