American Wild Barrel-Aged Brown - Solera

>> Sunday, November 13, 2016

A while back I brewed an American Wild Barrel-Aged Brown based on The Rare Barrel's base recipe. This beer has soured very nicely and I used a portion to blend with two other Flanders Reds for my Flanders Red entry in this years Beehive Brew-off. This was my first foray into blending and I was a little nervous about how it would be recieved by the judges, but I was very happy when it earned me my third gold in a row for European Sours. It got me to thinking, maybe I should turn the Queen Jennie barrel into a Solera of sorts. So today I'm brewing up a fresh 6 gallons of brown base that will go into the barrel. I'm going with 6 gallons so that I'll be sure to have enough to top off the barrel.

6 gallon batch
9.5# Weyermann Pilsner
1..0# 10 oz Rahr White Wheat Malt
8 oz Crisp Crystal 60
8 oz Briess Chocolate 350L
8  oz Flaked Oats
8 oz Special Aromatic
8 oz Spelt Malt
2 oz Carafa III (During sparge)
17g Aged Hops (60 mins)
INISBC-913 Brett Barrel III
Yeast Nutrient

Mash at 157F for 60 mins, 90 min boil, ferment at room temp.

Water Profile:
Nothing fancy here. I filled my HLT with 3 gallons of RO water and 8 gallons of carbon filtered tap water.

Brewing Notes:
No issues today. I hadn't brewed for a while, so no issues is a good thing. Hoping to see a pretty active fermentation in the morning.

Update 11/14/2016
Wish granted, I woke up to an explosive fermentation this morning. Krausen had pushed up through the airlock and the hissing from off-gassing CO2 was loud enough that it sounded like my stirplate was running. Blowoff connected.

Update 11/15/2016
Came home from work last night to find my blowoff needed a blowoff. Yeasty foam was erupting from the blowoff growler and making quite a mess. Things seemed to have calmed down this morning to the point that I can reinstall an airlock. This yeast is a beast.