Golden Java Milk Stout - Round 4

>> Sunday, June 26, 2016

Da Bomb Tincture
Another variation on the GJMS today. The last version was very popular at the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest (MBBF). I decided I needed a better name for this beer at MBBF since Golden Java Milk Stout is really just more of a description than a name, so it was served as Udder Chaos. After we got back from the fest, my buddy Brandon tossed out what I think is an even better name, albeit a long name...My Milk Stout Brings All the Boys To The Yard. Here's the latest variant as I'm brewing it today.

8.75# Crisp Maris Otter
1.00# Flaked Oats
1.00# Gambrinus Honey Malt
1.00 # Lactose (10 min)
12g Magnum (60 min)
14g EKG (10 min)
28g EKG (0 min)
Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
0.5 Whirlfloc
Coffee Toddy (at kegging)
The Bomb Tincture (at kegging)

Mash at 154F for 80 minutes, 90 minute boil, ferment at 60F, raising temps to 65F over the course of a week.

Brewing Notes
No issues. OG came in at 1.074, just a little higher than last time. That was expected since I increased both the honey malt and flaked oats but didn't decrease the base malt. I forgot to mention, I'm trying out Clarity Ferm from White Labs. I've never used it before, but I've been wanting to try it out. It's supposed to help reduce chill haze, increase shelf life, and reportedly also reduces gluten. All this without impacting flavor, aroma, or head retention.

Update 7/11/2016
Things are moving along on this beer. I ran out of my TCHO cacao nibs, but I was able to pick more up at Whole Foods in their baking section. I also decided to go with Jack Mormon Coffee's Halo Bariti which is an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. I started on the cacao tincture with the vanilla bean last Friday (7/8). After 7 days I'll add the cacao nibs for another 4 days.

Update 8/5/2016
This beer was kegged today along with The Bomb and Coffee Toddy.

Update 9/6/2016
This beer took bronze for SHV beer at 2016 Beehive Brew-off.  Pretty stoked especially since golden milk stout is an imaginary style.