Big Brew for National Homebrew Day

>> Saturday, May 05, 2012


Today I'm having some friends over to celebrate National Homebrew Day.  We're brewing up Bucksnort Brown Ale which I suspect is supposed to be a clone of Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing Co. in Missoula Montana.  I haven't brewed a Brown Ale for quite a while and I enjoy Moose Drool so I'm looking forward to this brew.  This is a hands on brew session for our guests and hopefully everyone will have a good time and maybe some will leave with a new found interest in homebrewing.

The recipe as we'll brew it:

10 # Briess Pale 2-row Malt
8.0 oz Briess Crystal Malt 80L
8.0 oz Briess Crystal Malt 60L
6.5 oz Briess Organic Chocolate Malt
1.0 oz Briess Black Patent
0.75 oz Willamette 80 min
0.75 oz Willamette 30 min
1.25 oz Mt Hood 15 min
0.75 oz Willamette 5 min
White Labs WLP001 California Ale
1 Whirfloc

Mash at 154F for 60 minutes.  80 minute boil.  Ferment at 66F then ramp up to 68F after activity begins to subside.

Update 5/7/2012:  Normally I I start brewing pretty early in the morning (7-8am).  On this batch we started after 1PM.  I also don't usually drink more than one beer while I'm brewing.  Since this was also a "party" the beer was flowing.  Despite it not being a typical brew day, everything went pretty well and it seemed that everyone had a good time.  The only thing I know I screwed up on was I forgot to add yeast nutrient.  Fermentation seems to be doing fine though, so I'm not too worried.