Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

>> Sunday, January 16, 2011

I got a gift certificate for Christmas from my in-laws and I ordered a Counter Pressure Bottle Filler from More Beer. I used it Saturday for the first time and it is awesome. I highly recommend this to anyone that kegs. It's great if you plan on entering your brew in competitions. It's also a great way to share beer because you have little loss of carbonation. I typically send growlers home with friends but the beer tends to go flat pretty quickly. This piece of equipment allows you to package your product similar to how the pros do it.

The counter pressure bottle filler allows you to purge the bottle with CO2, then fill it under pressure. It's a little bit messier than traditional bottling but since you're bottling under pressure (rather than via gravity feed) you can do it in the sink, so it's really a non-factor. More Beer has a great little tutorial that can be found by clicking here.

On a side note, I filled about a dozen bottles, including the last of my Pliny the Elder clone that I brewed back in 2009. I'm guessing it's due to the elevated hop levels, but this beer has aged very well. The only thing I really noticed was the hop aroma had diminished some, but I was noticing that back when it was about 6 months old.