Carbon Water Filter

>> Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is another upgrade I'd been planning for a while. A carbon water filter helps remove chlorine which can contribute to off-flavors in beer. There's seems to be some debate on whether or not carbon filters can remove chloramines. I contacted my local water provider and at this time none of the water providers for West Jordan, Utah are using chloramines to treat the water, so this is good news for me.

My filter setup is pretty basic. On the "in" side I have a 3/4" hose adapter connected to a 3/4" nipple. On the "out" side I'm using a 3/4" male copper fitting soldered to a length of 3/4" copper pipe, to a copper elbow and another section of pipe. The filter is connected to the water faucet with a hose rated for drinking water.

To use it, I connect everything and set the flow rate fairly low. I could probably run it a bit higher, but I want to make sure the water has plenty of contact time with the carbon so as to remove as much chlorine as possible.