Wild Red 2019

>> Sunday, February 17, 2019

Another wild red today. I managed to get my hands on some 30 gallon barrels a ways back. I'm considering brewing this recipe 3xs, in order to fill one of these barrels, effectively starting a new solera project. Here's the recipe I'm planning on brewing today.

10 Gallon Recipe
11.0# California Select
3.0# Weyermann Vienna
3.25# Spelt
14oz Crisp Crystal 77L
14oz Flaked Oats
14oz Special Aromatic
4oz Carafa Special III
28g Aged Hops (60 min)
Wyeast Nutrient
Inland Island Brett Barrel III (Primary)
Bootleg Biology - Sour Solera Blend - Fall 2018 (Secondary)

Mash at 160F for 60 mins, 90 min boil, primary and secondary at room temp.

Brewing Notes
No issues. Gravity came in at 14.4P (1.057). 

Update 2/19/2019
Fermentation has slowed down quite bit and the krausen has started dropping. There's still quite a bit of yeast in suspension. As expected, the aroma coming off the fermenters is kind of fruity.

Update 2/24/2019
As I indicated on 2/19, fermentation has slowed. It's still plugging along with a thin film of bubbles and a burp in the airlock about once every 20 seconds.

Update 4/14/2019
I finally got around to brewing the second third (10 gallons) for the barrel today. I temporarily transferred the first 10 gallons to kegs then racked right on top of the yeast cake. No issues other than a little but if a boil over when I wasn't paying attention.

Update 4/15/2019
Batch #2 is actively fermenting this morning. Currently, it has a couple of inches of Krausen. I'll double check it before I leave for work, just in case I need to add a blow-off.

Update 1/12/2020
Batch #3 was brewed on 12/23/2019 while my buddy Ryan was in town, and it was officially transferred into the barrel today, along with the two earlier batches.