Consecration - ZZ Hops Big Bad Barrel Part 2

>> Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today I'm brewing 10 gallons of Consecration clone for part 2 of my club's barrel project. This beer will be fermented clean then racked to the barrel on a whole bunch of zante currants.

Here's the recipe as I made it adjusted for my efficiency

19.0 # Rahr Pale Malt
0.88 # Weyermann Acid Malt
0.44 # Weyermann Carafa II
0.44 # Special B
2.0 # Corn Sugar (10 min)
2.0 # D-180 Dark Candi Syrup (Flameout)
28g  Sterling (90 min)
56g  Sterling (30 min)
56g  Styrian (1 min)
White Labs WLP530 Abbey Ale
4.0 # Zante currants in secondary

Mash at 158F, 90 minute boil

Brewing Notes
This session was a bit of a bitch. I had a brain fart and forgot to put my hops into the hop spider. This caused problems during the whirlpool because it clogged my hop/trub filter. After a couple clogs I decided to just go ahead and pump into the fermenters. At least lunch was good...enjoying some smoked candied salmon with brown rice and Parmesan asparagus for lunch during the brew session.