Altiplano Blend Roast #1

>> Sunday, March 24, 2019

I'm roasting up another batch of coffee today, this time Altiplano Blend from Sweet Maria's. This blend is described as follows:
Altiplano is extremely versatile in both roast level and brew applications. Lighter roasts show convincing levels of brightness and sweetness, with faint fruit and cocoa top notes. FC and beyond boosts body, sweetness, and chocolate roast complexity. City+ to Full City+. Great for espresso
I figured I'd do a similar roast as last time. The timing is slightly different as noted below, because it seemed like it took a bit longer to achieve full yellowing than on the previous batch.

# Description Time Behmor Button(s)
1 Pre-heat without drum for 1 minute 1:00 1 > P1 > Start
2 Install drum loaded with 8 ounces of green coffee
3 Begin Roast 20:15 1 > Start > P1 > D > P5
Press + button to max time
4 Reduce power to maintain temps around 310F
Fully yellowing
13:00 P2
5 Increase power to maintain temps around 320F
Barely tan
12:00 P5
6 Reduce power and slow drum 10:00 P3 > D
7 Cool at end of first crack
Very first pop ~ 9:15. First crack rolling ~7:30
5:00 Cool