Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone 2

>> Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone 2

11.5 # Great Western 2 row
1# 1 oz Briess Crystal 40 L
9 0z Dingeman's Cara-Pils
1 oz Perle 90 minutes
1 oz Cascade 15 minutes
1 oz Cascade 5 minutes
1 oz Cascade dry hopped in secondary
Wyeast American Ale #1056

Single infusion mash at 152 F, 90 minute boil

Rating: A-/A


IPA Experiment #1

I've formulated my own recipe for the first time. I've been drinking lots of highly hopped IPA style beers lately, so I decided this would be a good place to start. My test batch is in the secondary right now.

Experiment #1

11 # Golden Promise 2 row
1 # Briess Crystal 20 L
1 # Briess Crystal 80 L
1 # White Wheat Malt
8 oz Dingeman's Cara-Pils
1 oz Centenial 60 mins
1 oz Amarillo 30 mins
1 oz Amarillo 10 mins
2 oz Amarillo dry hopped in secondary

151 F single step infusion mash, 60 minute boil, primary 6 days, secondary 7 days

Notes: My mash got stuck so I was a little off my target OG. I attribute the stuck mash to the wheat malt (I've heard Wheat can cause stuck mashes) and the fact that the stainless steel mesh hose I use in place of a false bottom got a kink in it. I've heard brewers recommend rice hulls to prevent wheat from causing a stuck mash, but I really think it had more to do with the kinked hose. This is because I've used this much wheat before without having problems. So unfortunately, I think my test batch will turn out to be a much lower alcohol version than I had planned...a session IPA if you will.

Rating: D+/C-